It seems like we can't write the word 'bison' or 'Yellowstone' without having to include some video of a touron being a horrible example. A video I just found shows a guy approaching a bison with the intention of riding it. Obviously, that's a terrible idea and lucky for the guy filming, the bison wants nothing to do with him.

Yellowstone Tourist Attempts To Ride A Bison

It's never a good idea to ride a bison. I learned that from common sense and also from the hilarious YouTube video 'Guy On A Buffalo' which is actual footage from a show where a guy rides a buffalo and it's pretty clear bison don't like being ridden.

In the real-life video, the guy approaches the bison while talking to it and assuring it that they are friends. The video ends with the touron saying 'You're not very friendly, are you?'

I'm going to give the guy the benefit of the doubt and say that he was joking about riding the creature. But, you never know since people have been making bad decisions around bison for a long time. Some of the latest viral videos are below.

This one from a few years ago was scary:

Careful with the foul language on this one, plus the video is terrifying. You can skip towards the end for when the bison reacts to the touron:

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