Technology blows my mind every day. I can’t comprehend some of the new innovations and products that people create. When self-driving cars were first introduced to the world there were many skeptics about the safety and reliance of the navigation systems. Yet I was driving from Utah to Twin Falls recently and saw a woman on the highway in a Tesla using the feature so she could take her hands off the wheel and rummage through bags in her back seat.

New Technology To Allow For Hitchless Towing

I love cars. I love reading about mods to old vehicles and the impressive technology going into new cars. The latest advancement I found is being called hitchless towing. Eventually, the technology could be used to allow any vehicle to tow any other vehicle, trailer, or anything with wheels and the proper hardware. Could you imagine a Toyota Corolla ‘towing’ a truck, boat, or camper?

Watch Video Of The Hitchless Towing In Action

Toyota has been working on the technology and CarScoops just posted a video of the demonstration.

In the video two Toyota Siennas equipped with the proper technology are seen driving, except only one of them is actually being driven by a human. It’s cool to see, and with time the space between the vehicles will surely be shortened otherwise there’s nothing to keep another car from cutting in line and possibly messing with the wireless tech used for the towing. On that note, the article doesn’t say what kind of wireless signal is being used. Is it Wifi, Bluetooth, or some specially tuned RF signal?

I’d love to see what happens when technology tries to keep a hitchless trailer safe on Blue Lakes in Twin Falls or climbing Galena Summit.

2017 McLaren 570GT For Sale on Facebook

The car is a beautiful, black on black, 2017 McLaren 570GT with only 21,600 miles on it and a completely unmodded engine.

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