A recent Idaho horse race wound up providing one jockey a valuable lesson in competition preparedness. Horse racing season is on in Emmett, and it can get rough.

I'm no expert in riding horses. In fact, they scare the hell out of me. A recent YouTube upload showing what is basically the equivalent of drag racing with horses featured one painful start. The races are executed in both groups of two and four, and if you've ever been thrown from a horse you can probably relate to the jockey in the red skullcap.

When the video begins, it appears to be just another sunny day at the track. A good crowd has gathered at the Emmett "Carreras de Caballos," or horse races. At 12 minutes, 39 seconds, one of the races begins. I had a bad feeling about this one as the horse was a bit out of control prior to the gate opening.

It appears, although dazed, that the rider was uninjured. Another camera angle at 13 minutes, 39 seconds, gives another painful vantage point of just how hard this dude biffed it. The event must be pretty popular in Emmett, as the Facebook page is alive and well with close to 5,000 followers.

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Either the jockey was attempting to pull off a hands-free finish, or the communication between the rider and the gate dudes was a bit off. Aside from maybe a fractured ego, the rider did get up on his own accord and should be applauded for it.

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