It is constant and it never fails, I'm not talking about taxes or our government, I'm talking about the never-ending wave of animals at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. Sometimes that wave of animals seems more like a tidal wave and the shelter becomes so full they have to take special measures to get the animals out of the shelter and into loving homes. Right now is one of those times. 

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There are so many dogs and cats at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter right now that they are holding a 'clear the shelter event' with pet adoption fees cut in half. The half price sale will run through the end of August.

The shelter really is at full capacity, especially with cats and kittens. The shelter posted on Facebook last week that they had 20 cats come in, all the same day and all from the same house. Shelter pets are just as good as any other pet and have the potential to become your best friend and do great things in the world. last week we learned that Pancho, a previous Twin Falls Animal Shelter resident, was among a select few dogs being trained to detect COVID-19 in humans.

According to the Clear the Shelters web page the Jerome, Minidoka Joint Powers, and Broken Hearts Rescue are also participating in the event.

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