The Twin Falls Animal Shelter was gifted a nice surprise recently. The shelter frequently has animals dropped off without explanation or animals are stolen from the facility. They have a security system with cameras but they don't cover the entire area around the building. That security issue was remedied this week when Pinnacle Technologies showed up with an upgraded system to help them monitor the facility. And they did it for free.

How cool and nice is that? Now the employees can hopefully not worry so much about the safety of the animals and more quickly find those that are taken illegally. If you do have a pet that you are unable to care for - please don't drop it off on the lawn or parking lot of the shelter. They do accept animal surrenders, so give them up the right way if you have to. Otherwise these new cameras will catch you.

The animal shelter is always full of great dogs and cats in need of adoption and loving forever homes. Check out the animals at the shelter or on the People For Pets Facebook page to see if there is an animal that could fit in well at your home. They have a number of dogs that have been homeless for months. They even have a few that were adopted out and returned by their new owners.

A big thank you to Pinnacle Technologies and everyone who adopts and volunteers at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. Your actions and generosity are making a difference in Twin Falls.

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