We are currently at around three weeks of real social isolation in my house. Somehow the kids are all still alive and being nice to each other, we haven't run out of toilet paper or food, and (knock on wood) we are all feeling healthy. It seems that the only one really affected by the stay-at-home order is our dog. Meg is a seven month-old Mastidoodle (Mastiff/Poodle) weighing in at 92 pounds. During normal times she is perfect for our family since we are gone most of the day. My family is best taken in small doses and our dog is getting heavy doses of attention from the kids. She normally is pretty lazy but the kids are taking her everywhere in the yard. You can tell she loves it but she also hides when she is needing a nap.

Having a pet in the house during this pandemic has been a beautiful thing for my family. Having a cuddle buddy when you need a hug or someone who isn't a sibling to chill with is therapeutic for my kids. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is still open and adopting pets to loving families. You need to schedule an appointment in advance to see the animals and you can see many of the adoptable dogs and cats on the shelter FB page. Plus you can see some pretty entertaining videos of leash training puppies:

They even have a skilled kitty who will open doors for you so that you don't have to touch door handle germs.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter is one of many businesses in the Magic Valley that has had to make changes to how they operate during the COVID-19 pandemic. If your business is also doing things differently, let us and you customers know by filling out this form with your info.

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