Ohhh this pups glow up is real! The Twin Falls Animal Shelter shared the story of this adorable little girl. When he was found in the middle of nowhere, this poor dog looked like a mop with ratted hair, unable to see her face, toe nails like talons and in bad condition. But her transformation is a must see.

PC Twin Falls Animal Shelter
PC Twin Falls Animal Shelter

According to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter Facebook page, her name is Francis and she had a blocked up back end, her nails were growing into her matted hair and, being a senior dog she felt lost. Thankfully the Twin Falls Animal Shelter was able to help her out.

The shelter said they had no idea what they were going to find under all the hair but what they did find was precious. Francis once she got shaved started jumping around like a puppy again, excited and thankful for a chance at a future.

Francis is however 14 years old and blind. I can't even imagine how long this process took. I had a dog that was matted up incredibly bad and it took a groomer 3 hours and he wasn't nearly as bad as this little angel.

Thankfully Francis had a successful glow up. She is marvelously stunning. Stories like these are why I will always support a local shelter and adopt. I don't blame anyone for getting a purebred dog or shopping around but I prefer these ones with a second chance at life.

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