Saturday evening Twin Falls Police responded to a bomb threat at the Smith's grocery store on Addison Ave.

A video was posted on social media at 9:15 PM showing an empty Smith's parking lot surrounded by police officers, but at the time no one knew the reason. In the post on Twin Falls County Traffic, News, Crime, and Weather Blog there was speculation that it was an active shooter incident, ammonia leak, or a bomb threat. About an hour later someone posted that they knew an employee at the store who said it was a bomb threat, but it wasn't until around 11 PM that the threat was verified by police.

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Local news station KMVT shared the news that police had responded to a bomb threat at Smith's, which ended up being a hoax. The person making the threat made demands of Amazon and Apple gift cards or the bomb would explode in the store. Police cleared the store and found no evidence of a bomb.

Police will continue to investigate the source of the prank call. EMS and the fire department also responded to the scene to help.

At this point, the Twin Falls Police have not made any report on the incident on Facebook. The only verified source is the conversation KMVT had with police sergeant Josh Hayes.

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