There are many right ways to apply for a job and there are also many wrong ways to apply for a job. This is 100% the wrong way.

  • First - you usually don't bum a job on Facebook (though that is becoming more acceptable so I won't fault him too much for that).
  • Second - you need money for a car or something? That is extremely specific and totally vague at the same time. How is that even possible?!
  • Third - it doesn't matter if you think drugs are cool or more acceptable now that marijuana is legal in a few states. Don't put drugs as your 'now that I have your attention' picture.

The worst part for this kid is that (I'm assuming) he isn't even looking for drugs but that's what everyone thinks or is pointing out. I think the comments on this kids post are the best and spot on in calling him out. Maybe next time he'll do a little real job hunting and at least put together a cover letter and skill sheet resume.

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