Remember everyone, if you are contacted by phone, email or text regarding an opportunity that sounds too good to be true, that's because it is. Don't ever wire anyone money that you don't know, especially if someone is telling you contest riches await.

Most of us have received an email telling us a relative had some unfortunate luck while vacationing in Sudan, or some similar BS. They got carjacked, or robbed, and haven't eaten in three days, so naturally they need us to wire $5,000 immediately. That's one of the oldest scams in the book.

A new scam that recently targeted an Idaho couple involved a supposed contest with a payout of $250,000. Remember, you should never be paying anything out of pocket for a chance to become wealthy, unless we're talking about a state lottery or sports bet.

Apparently, it's amateur hour for phone scammers presently. An Idaho couple were contacted recently by who was introduced as a high up staffer with Publisher's Clearing House. My dad has been trying to win the real sweepstakes since 1977. He has more magazine subscriptions than all the Kardashians combined.

The Twin Falls Walmart was also mentioned in this latest scam. This is where it gets ridiculous. This couple were told that if they wired $850 to a random Florida account, they automatically be presented with $250,000 at their doorstep, complete with balloons and a smiling Steve Harvey.

Don't fall for this Idaho! And guess what, your bank WILL NOT give you your money back.


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