There are a lot of different streaming services and cloud based services for storing and watching your personal collections of movies. In my case lately, I don't even buy movies anymore. I either rent what I want to see from Redbox or I stream it on Netflix or Hulu. I haven't bought a movie in years because digital versions are so much easier. I will have to make some changes though this though because the UltraViolet movie service announced that they are shutting down this year. July 31st they are calling it game over so if you have UV movies stored you could lose them...but you don't have to.

Digital Downloads N8

You may actually be wondering if you have any UltraViolet movies (I had to double check), but these are the digital versions of movies you used to get with a Blu Ray disc purchases. I think a lot of people either just threw away the download codes or didn't even realize they were there. If you did download your movies you should be able to save most of them by linking them to another movie service.

I got lucky with this because a few years ago we got our Smart TV and it basically forced us to use Vudu to watch our cloud movies. So, I should be good to go. Hopefully.

If you aren't linked to a Vudu account or another service like FandangoNow, Paramount Movies, or Kaleidescape - do it asap. Then your movies should transfer and be saved for future viewing. Just login to your MyUV account and make sure your account is linked to one of the mentioned services. Then - do NOT unlink or disconnect the accounts since UV will need to be connected to transfer movies.

Now, we wait until August to see if it all goes as planned and we don't lose all our digital copies of movies.

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