The pandemic has been a heavy hitter for many Idahoans. Some were already feeling overwhelmed before COVID-19 was a common topic. Others have hardly felt the effects of state and city shutdowns. The COVID pandemic isn't fair and it doesn't care who you are. Anyone can be knocked down. This seems a little extra unfair but it also makes sense if you take out empathy: unemployed Idaho residents receiving state help benefits can't do any real travel during Spring Break.

Part of me thinks that Spring Break is a vacation time so families, no matter your situation, should be able to vacation if they want. But I do see the point of the state that the unemployed should be actively looking for work, not taking trips or vacations. In a message to KTVB, an Idaho Department of Labor spokesperson said:

According to Idaho law, people who are out of work and wish to receive unemployment insurance benefits must look for a job and remain able and available for suitable work. This includes remaining in the state where they live and within their local labor market.

The spokesperson also stated that those receiving benefits have to report if they travel 100 miles outside their labor market. That means a trip from Twin Falls to Pocatello (114 miles), Boise (129), or even Arco (109 miles) should be reported along with the reason for the venture. Jackpot is within the 100 mile radius (47 miles) but it is in another state and would therefore probably be a destination to report. There are times where travel is acceptable like for the funeral of a friend or family member.

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For more details you can read the full statement from KTVB.

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