Losing a child is a tragedy that no parent should have to experience. Yet it happens, and while it's devastating to the parents, some are able to come up with a way to honor the memory of their baby. The upcoming Ana's Birthday Party Extravaganza is one of those stories.

What Is Ana's 1st Annual Birthday Party Extravaganza?

When little Ana passed away, here parents decided to start a foundation to help other families. Ana's favorite holiday was Christmas and she loved helping others who were in need. The birthday party extravaganza will raise money to help families who might be struggling at Christmas time.

When Is Ana's Birthday Party Extravaganza?

Ana's birthday party is September 18th starting at noon at Bullets 'n Brew in Hagerman. There will be food, raffles, and merchandise for sale to help raise money. You can attend in person or watch the party online. If you purchase raffle tickets you don't need to be present to win prizes. Raffle tickets are $20 each.

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What Raffle Items Are Available?

Raffle items are still coming in and you can donate an item to the cause through the Facebook event page:

  • Hand made ax with two free sharpening
  • Self defense classes
  • Car Detailing
  • Walnut coffee table with maple inlays
  • Shop work Buhl
  • Corn hole boards
  • $400 worth of Thousand Springs products
  • Walnut cutting board
  • $500 gas card

Who Was Ana?

Ana's mother wrote me this about Ana and her love of Christmas and helping those in need:

Ana was absolutely an amazing little person. I can remember her selling her chicken eggs when she was around four years old and seeing her first homeless person and instead of buying toys with the money she made that month, she wanted to make packs. The packs had tooth brushes, mouth wash, general hygiene, and snacks in them. She then had me drive her around to deliver them to people that needed help. Over the years she always gave back and helped anyone or any kind of animal. She loved horses and cats the most. So, when tragedy hit our family and we found ourselves going through something that no parent should have to, that is when my husband started this foundation. He came to me and said we can’t help what has happened to us but we can help others and make our love for Ana known.

Find all the details on the event on the Facebook page for the party.

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