Malad Gorge was one of the first sites we went to when we moved to Twin Falls. The sad part is I didn't remember going there until I saw this video and realized that I had been there. We have shared quite a few videos from YouTuber 'Hey Arnel' as he documents his Idaho adventures but I think this is the first one where he wasn't impressed with the location. His words

That was reeeeaaaal stupid. I'm done with that. That was one of the most boring things I've done in a while.

I don't think that Malad Gorge is a bad day trip destination because it is pretty cool. The bridge is scary if you have an issue with heights - but it also doesn't compare at all to other sites around the Magic Valley like the Perrine Bridge or Box Canyon which give you similar views but on a greater and more stunning scale.

By all means though, go to the Malad Gorge and see it for yourself. It's worth a trip just to say you did it. Then go check out the Shoshone Falls and really be impressed.



BONUS VIDEO - You'll Never See Shoshone Falls Like This

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