ALBION, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) UPDATE: On Wednesday morning, Albion resident, James Burrows changed his election signs in front of his house after campaigning to recall the city's mayor.

"We thought we had 91 votes to get her recalled, but then found out that as longs as we had over 50 percent, then we got it," said Burrows.

Resident Crystal Rasmussen told KMVT she hopes someone will come along to lead the city.

"It's nice, so hopefully someone can come in and do a better job than she did," said Rasmussen.

"I think the citizens of Albion spoke, and they were heard loud and clear," said Lesia Anderson, an Albion resident.

On Tuesday, Albion residents headed to the polls to decide if the city's mayor should stay or go.

A petition was filed against Sharon H. Wilmot to be recalled in April. The petition claimed Wilmot lacked the knowledge to "adequately" and "fairly" run the city for the citizens.

It received enough signatures to qualify for Tuesday's election and a statement on the recall included that utility bills have risen since Wilmot's been in office.

"They want someone that's been a resident for a long time and knows our city and knows exactly what we need from our roads to our waters and sewers. There's a lot of things that need to be corrected, " said Albion resident James Burrows.

Wilmot released a statement about the utility bills:

"The utility bills have NOT increased in over three years - BAP did raise rates by .009," the statement reads.

Wilmot said over the phone that council chose to let the budget absorb those costs.

Wilmot told KMVT there's been discussion about the poor roads in the city.

"I know that's one of the things that people are complaining about that our roads have been torn up from when we had the flood about a year and half ago, that's correct," Wilmot said. "But there's an infrastructure that needs to be replaced, repair looked at before we fix those roads. If we put new roads down and then tear 'em up, that's a waste of money."

If voters pass the recall, the city's council will appoint someone to replace Wilmot, if not, Wilmot will finish her term until 2019 election.

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