Farmers Almanac indicates that Idaho will not have a white Christmas

If you are one of those who doesn't get in the Christmas spirit until the snow is on the ground, temperatures are chilly and lights are everywhere then you may not get the spirit this year. There is a chance that Idaho is not going to have a white Christmas.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Do the snow dances if you want to bring on the snow. The Farmers Almanac predicts that this month is not going to be super stormy. December 4th through December 7th says that this is when the stormy conditions, strong winds, and heavy precipitation will hit. So we should be getting snow within the week.

The winds pick up and the skies clear

Idahoans are not shy of windy conditions. If the wind isn't blowing it is a miracle. Everything turns kind of topsy turvy between December 8th and December 23rd. It will clear out, it will be "unsettled" and not a lot of precipitation according to this.

Not a great chance for a white Christmas

The Farmers Almanac indicated that December 24th through December 27th will be "fair and chilly" so I wouldn't anticipate a white Christmas unless we have some leftover from the beginning of the month. After Christmas, though it looks like the beginning of the year is predicted to be much wetter.

Idaho weather is super unpredictable. Mother Nature does her own thing here so there is a great chance everything written is not going to happen. I guess we will wait and see.

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