The City of Twin Falls has been working hard to resurface many of the roads around the city this summer. The construction work does cause delays and detours, but the end product is always nice and extends the life of the roads.

Which Main Street in Twin Falls Will be Closed Wednesday?

On Wednesday, August 9th, one of the main traveled roads in Twin Falls will be closed so crews can resurface the street. The City of Twin Falls announced that Washington Street South will be resurfaced by Emery Construction on Wednesday. Work will begin at 8 in the morning and will cover Washington Street South from Second Avenue West to Dierkes Street. Work will transition to the Addison and Filer intersections in the afternoon.

Washington Street South in the areas of construction will be completely closed. Traffic will be rerouted to 2nd Avenue South and East to allow vehicles around the area.

Credit Canva/Google Maps
Credit Canva/Google Maps

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On the City of Twin Falls website, they explain the reason and benefits of resurfacing, or chip sealing, old roads in Twin Falls:

The contractor, Emery Construction, will begin resurfacing South Washington using a process called chip seal that moves the deteriorated surface of the roadway and replaced it with a mix of emulsifier and rock. Chip sealing, although inconvenient, significantly extends the life of roadways and prevents more significant damage.
After the rock has set in the emulsifier, contractors will sweep the residual rock from the roadway. Before that time, vehicles should reduce speed and put extra distance between the vehicle in front to avoid rock damage.

This summer the city has been working on resurfacing streets in Zone 3.

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