Idaho is a wild state and full of wildlife critters. We love that we always see deer, moose, coyote, raccoon, skunks, and foxes on our road-trips. The critters aren't always alive, but for some reason roadkill is just as exciting to my kids a live animal. We have even seen some of the bigger animals including elk and mountain lions. I've never seen a bear though and that is probably for the best. Bear are great to see in videos but seeing them in real life would be terrifying. So, let's enjoy a cute Grizzly Bear video from the comfort and safety of our homes.

The video taken by the Idaho Fish and Game and posted on Facebook by CBS 2 in Boise shows what these giant animals do in the wild. The first part of the video is cute with a momma bear and her two cubs. The second part of the video shows why I don't ever want to be near a bear. There are two larger bears that show up and everything seems cool until they starts baring teeth and battling a little bit.

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