There are days when I get sucked down the rabbit hole of videos on YouTube. I start off innocently watching a video on distracted driving in Idaho and before I know it I'm ten videos in and watching an Idaho teenager challenge the Devil to a battle for his soul. It is along the same vein as the Devil Went Down to Georgia song except with an Idaho twist and an interesting choice in battle instruments.

I don't want to build this video up to be something that it isn't. So I won't say the video is awesome and your life won't be complete without seeing it, but I will say that it is at least worth a view.

I had pretty high hopes that this would be an epic musical masterpiece. It was not. But it was pretty funny. If you think your time is worth more than mine, you can skip forward to the one-minute mark for the big reveal or jump to 1:40 for the grand battle finale.

Don't judge me for sharing. It has an Idaho twist and I'm proud that this kid is doing something other than drugs. I'm going to guess he got either a phone or a camera for Christmas since it looks like his (odd) videos on YouTube started about three months ago.

I've done my share of weird videos. Do you remember the voice swap movie trailer videos I used to make? Those were awesome and I got more than 100,000 views out of them. Check out a few below.

We don't all make the best decisions when posting online. There is a definite learning curve to what one thinks is funny vs what is actually funny. Let's hope Idaho YouTuber Caden Winters sticks with it and becomes famous.

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