There is s new video series out that jokingly shows all the reasons you should never visit Southern Idaho. The video just tells you that there are Californians here and that should be enough to deter you.

Should Anyone Visit Southern Idaho

Not really, the videos are actually really well made and highlight all the cool locations and ways to have fun in Southern Idaho. Jason Turner Video has been teaming up with the Southern Idaho Economic Development group to make videos that highlight the beauty of Southern Idaho. The videos are also pretty funny because they all start out with a shot of a potato.

One popular video focuses on the crystal blue and ice-cold hidden waters of Blue Heart Springs near Box Canyon and Ritter Island in Hagerman. I've done a lot of kayaking over the last few years and I have yet to make it to Blue Heart Springs. Everyone always tells me that it is beautiful but the waters are ice cold.

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The video makes it look bearable since so many people are in the water swimming. You can get to the little cove from Ritter Island or for a shorter trip you can get there from the Box Canyon grade. This was the 4th of the 'I Wouldn't Come Here' videos.

YouTube Videos Showing Why Southern Idaho Is Not Worth Visiting

Another video shows some of the places to mountain bike. Of course, Southern Idaho also has miles of great trails and rivers and one of the first videos focuses on all of the different ways to adventure here. I liked this video because I recognized most of the places in the video including Balanced Rock, Shoshone Falls, and the Bruneau Sand Dunes, but I have no idea where the rope bridge into the cave is. Do you recognize that location?

Best Waterfalls Of Southern Idaho

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