I love doing puzzles. So. I'm actually surprised it took us this long into the stay at home order to finish one. This was a special puzzle for my family too because it represents something dear to us. Last year our puppy, Bruce, died unexpectedly and it was really hard for my wife and the kids. That little doggo was a sort of therapeutic animal for them. he was always happy to see them and loved playing with them or sitting on their lap sucking on their arms. He was an adorable weirdo. So, for Christmas I had a custom puzzle made using a collage of pictures of Bruce and the family. I knew it would be a good sentimental gift but it was more than that. My wife held onto that puzzle for months - not ready to put it together. That changed last week as we sat together as a family and basically reconstructed our memories of a lost friend.

Bruce The Dog

I guess we really achieved two milestones during this stay at home order as we not only finished our first puzzle while quarantined but we finished a puzzle that had been waiting to be put together for nearly four months. I won't say that the COVID-19 pandemic is a good thing. It isn't. But even in trouble times you have to look for the silver linings and the small joys. Doing this puzzle with my family was one of those moments.

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