Bring on the stereotypes and the fun. I found a post from House Beautiful called "What the State You Grew Up in Says About You." I am someone who has moved a round a bit as an adult and wanted to know what each state that I have lived in had to say, ending of course with the great state of Idaho.

I grew up in Arizona and moved to Alaska in my early 20s before heading to Oregon and then finally Idaho a few years back. According to this I have a whole lot going on since I have lived in a few states.

For Arizona:

•"The only "tree" in your front yard is a saguaro." - They really are everywhere, until I got older and ventured out of the state I didn't realize how special they are.

•"You feel cold when it dips to 85 degrees." - I have overcome this, my mother on the other hand is always cold.

•"You know what to do during a haboob." - Dust storms are nothing to take lightly. They can be horrible to be stuck in.


•"It's no big deal to see a moose in your driveway or on Main Street." - I used to see them all the time, massive ones. I have more moose stories than I can count.

•"You've ever asked the question "the reds in yet?" "- oh yea, anyone who fishes in Alaska has asked that question.


•You know swimming at the beach would require a wetsuit. "The Oregon coast is usually a little on the chilly and windy side but the right summer conditions it can be just as warm and wonderful as a (much less crowded) Cali beach.

•"You know the difference between Chinook, Coho and Sockeye salmon." - Again with the salmon. Mmmm, I love fishing.

And finally for our great gem state, Idaho:

•"You know fry sauce goes with almost everything." - We wouldn't have it any other way.

•"It upsets you when someone puts a "Z" sound in Boise." - Boy-See, it's not that hard.

•"Your hometown's elevation is greater than its population." - Well, it was until everyone and their brother started moving here.

There is a whole lot more to being an Idahoan than the tree points above. Check out more gem state fun below. . .


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