Today is Cinco de Mayo and there is a pretty good chance you don't really know what that means. Most people in North America associate the 5th of May as the Independence Day of Mexico - but that date is actually celebrated in September. Today is special to Mexico because it represents the day a battle was won over the French in Puebla (the win was short lived though and the city was lost a few weeks later).

Really though, we don't care. We love any reason to party, and this party is going to involve tacos and cerveza. A study was done by CableTV of Google searches last year and found that what we are most looking for today is a place to eat Mexican food. Idaho was one of the few states that specifically searched for cerveza - which is interesting because I'd think that if you can spell cerveza then you already know what it is?

I think the best results of the study come from just south of us...not all the way to Mexico south, just to Utah. Their most common Cinco de Mayo search was Taco Bell!

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