I don't know how the rest of Idaho is doing when it comes to economics but I know the Magic Valley is looking good. We've had many new businesses set up shop in Twin Falls near Walmart and in the Canyon Park West Shopping Center. Downtown Twin Falls is more hoppin' than I've ever seen it before. Plus with the big manufacturers like Glanbia, Clif Bar, Chobani, already in town and promises of more large operations; the area is booming! So, with all those small businesses and a few large scale manufacturers in the area, who is the largest employer?

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

A study by the Visual Capitalist says even with manufacturing business competition, St. Luke's is the largest employer in the state. There are nearly 9,000 employees at St. Luke's in Boise and another 2,400 in Twin Falls. Micron is the second largest with 8,000 employees. That's interesting because Zippia said last year in a report that Albertson's (based in Idaho) has about 273,000 employees - so they must only be counting those overall even though they say that's the number in Idaho. Two years ago Micron was the leading employer in the state. You can see all the current top employers at the CareerInfoNet article.

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