Each state has its own unique and local food items that are iconic to its locals. For some places, it's their tacos or a local pizza place. Maybe it is ice cream from a local dairy or fruit pies from a local orchard. Each town and state has its own thing, and until moving to Idaho I had never even heard of a finger steak. Since arriving in Twin Falls, everyone had recommended for me to have Idaho finger steaks. I was even a witness to a debate about which places in towns had the best that I needed to try first.

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I was finally able to make my way to Depot Grill and of course, had to try the finger steaks there. First, it was tough to follow through with trying them, only because Depot Grill had such a good selection of food, but I stuck with my plan and I did not regret it. Finger steaks are deep-fried sirloin steak into small pieces. As there is with every food, there is a little more to it and other ways to prepare it, but that is the gist of them.

I decided to have mine with barbeque sauce with french fries on the side and a roll. When they first came out on my plate, I was a little taken aback. To put it nicely it looked like little hard rocks on my plate, but after one bite I was hooked. The meat was a little chewy but it tasted delicious. The barbeque sauce added the right amount of flavor to give it that perfect sweet taste. 

Credit: Jeff

I have other places to try and to compare to, but my first experience with Idaho finger steaks was a delicious one. I look forward to trying different kinds and getting familiar with the culture and cuisine in Twin Falls. It may not have the best look but Idaho finger steaks taste delicious. 

Credit: Jeff
Credit: Jeff

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