Time to turn back the clocks and recall your favorite childhood cartoon of the 90's. Why the 90's? Because that was an awesome decade for cartoons...at least we thought it was. I don't recommend you go back and watch anything because it will most likely not live up to the memory.

But if you only live by what you thought was good there were some awesome cartoons including Gargoyles, Animaniacs, Darkwing Duck, Ren and Stimpy and so many more. Ahh, the memories. Must resist the urge to watch an episode and ruin my childhood! Surprisingly though, none of the cartoons I just mentioned are the favorite of Idaho. That honor goes to Pokemon according to Frontier Bundles.

I've never seen an episode of Pokemon so I can't relate, but if the trailer for the cartoon is a sign, I wouldn't like it anyways.

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