Here's information you can use to help decide what to dress as for Halloween in Twin Falls. You can use one of the top 5 most searched for costumes for your idea or use it as a list of what not to dress as so you can be more unique.

UPDATE: Here is the 2017 gallery.

According to data from Frightgeist, in Twin Falls, the most searched for costume this year have been a Pirate, Horse, Nerd, Dinosaur, and Harley Quinn. That is as of right now and it can change pretty quick. This morning I was looking at the list and Wonder Woman was in 5th place and now the Amazonian isn't even on the list.

The most searched for costumes across America are Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Clown, Unicorn, and Rabbit. Is it me or does it seem like more women are looking for costume ideas than men?

Once you decide on your costume - make sure you join us at Trick Or Treat on Bish's Street, Halloween Day from 3:30 to 6 in the Fred Meyer parking lot.

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