When I grew up, people toilet papered one another's homes as a way to get revenge or prank a buddy in a non-destructive manner. A gag I've been unfamiliar with until recently involves the practice of scattering plastic forks across someone's front lawn.

The last time I remember seeing the aftermath of a group toilet papering was just days prior to my high school graduation. Some of the seniors got together and hit a number of underclassmen's homes as a way to bid a fond farewell. The typical parent reaction then was to to laugh it off, and then hand their student a trash bag and send him/her on their way.

I was on both the giving, and receiving, end of this prank more than once between my freshman and junior years. Twenty-five years ago, Americans weren't armed to the teeth like we are now, so we weren't terribly concerned with any high risk of danger from lurking around someone's property in the middle of the night, launching rolls onto rooftops and over tree branches.

After falling victim to the recent prank where I passed 25 plastic forks lining both sides of my front walkway, I called my 18-year-old daughter. She told me it is commonplace in Twin Falls, and something friends are doing to one another. It's almost like a weird way to express fondness for each other. I will say, it's much more pleasant to pick up after.

fork 1
Greg Jannetta

I have my suspects, and will be picking up some extra plastic utensils next time I'm at the store. Payback, is as they say, a b%$#@!

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