The Idaho Lottery does a pretty good job of coming up with crazy, weird, and clever names for their lottery scratch cards. They even add scents to some of them like peppermint and gingerbread when appropriate. 

Right now, the Idaho Lottery is holding a contest called 'Name That Scratch Game' where you can submit your best game name idea for a chance to win and make that dream a reality. Plus, if they pick your game name idea, you'll win the opportunity to work with their design team to make the scratch ticket and you'll get $1,000 in scratch tickets!

Second place prize will get $500 in lottery scratchers and 3rd place gets $250 in tickets. You can enter a new idea each week through May 29th at the Idaho Lottery website and they will also pick a random submission each week to win $50 in scratch tickets.

Just so you know and don't steal my idea, I already submitted 'If It Itches, Scratch It'.

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