I don't feel like Twin Falls is a miserable place. I really like living here and in spite of the random pot hole in the road or snow induced flooding, this place is pretty easy to be content with. Not everyone feels the same as I do about Twin Falls though. Each person has different challenges in their life and those challenges force us to either be miserable or look for the ray of sunshine in the gloom. Back in January of 2017 it was pretty easy to feel miserable. We had a ton of snow fall in just a few days and then it rained making the roads slick and slushy. People in all types of vehicles were getting stuck around town, but there were rays of sunshine. A few good people were driving around in 4x4 vehicles and equipped with the needed tools to help those who were in need. The best part is that they were doing it for free. These good people were braving the miserable winter conditions to help others.

A recent census gathered information on the happiness in each city. The information covers 1,000 of the biggest US cities and Insider.com has organized the info to show the most miserable and the happiest cities. You can see in the study that some of the misery was caused by natural disasters. Results were also based on the number of people living in poverty, amount of people moving out of the city (they must be leaving for a reason), and commute times. With all the factors taken into account, Twin Falls came in at number 754. That beats Boise, Pocatello, Nampa, and most other Idaho cities except Coeur d'Alene and Meridian.

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