Today is Fast Food Day, so you can eat that greasy food and it won't affect your health. I think that's the science behind eating on holidays, but I could be wrong? Either way, for Fast Food Day there are a lot of food deals in Twin Falls but it seems most of them are only accessible through the restaurant apps. Luckily the apps are free and a lot of the deals are good beyond today!

Over the summer I wrote about a few of the restaurant apps in Twin Falls as I tested them, and for the most part they are easy to use and offer daily food deals. Here are the special deals for today.

  • ARBY'S - Get a free small fries and small drink when you buy a Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich.
  • BURGER KING - Loads of deals in their app including $1 Whoppers and $5 meals.
  • JACK IN THE BOX - Sign up for their mailing list and get a free medium curly fries with a large drink purchase.
  • MCDONALD'S - You can get their special $5 meal deals in store, plus through the app you can get $1 large fries, $1 McDouble, and buy a large sandwich get one for $1.
  • SONIC - Get their Quarter Pound Double Stack with tots for $2.99.
  • WENDY'S - Deals in the app include $2 off any full salad, Buy 1 get 1 Premium Chicken Sandwich, and $2 off any Premium Combo.

Other restaurants may be having specials so if you are craving something particular, give them a call. I didn't find any deals for Taco Bell, KFC, Culver's, Carl's Jr. or Chic-fil-A.

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