The season of travel has arrived! Spring day trips and summer vacations can take you to some pretty cool and, if you are adventurous, new places in Idaho. I like to camp and we've been to some great places in Idaho but we do have a few favorite go-to places in my family. Do you?

Pine and Featherville Hot Springs

We love heading into the mountains when we have time for a longer than just the weekend vacation, and spending a week in the Pine/Featherville area. There is so much beauty and loads of fun things to do. I documented one of our trips a few years ago including hours in the hot springs, kayaking the river and Anderson Ranch Reservoir, a bit of fun hiking, and a lot of sitting around enjoying the great outdoors. When we only have a weekend to get out we usually just make our way to the Hayspur Fish Hatchery campground.

On Facebook, people agree that Pine is a great getaway location and also suggest that Moscow, Lewiston, and Salmon are great too. Last year we had a story claiming that Sandpoint was the most under-rated city, so clearly there are some great options out there. Where is your favorite Idaho town to visit?

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