California is an amazing state. A state that has a lot to offer the world and anyone who sets out on an adventure for a visit.

Not counting all the things that are done in California that benefit the rest of the world like movie making and technology advancements; there are some things that you have to see in person and travel to see.

Vacation Time: People Visit CA for This Surprising Reason

One of my favorite things about California is the beaches. It’s good that I don’t live within walking distance of one because I would then never get anything else done. Other vacation or visit-worthy places are the 9 National Parks, various theme parks, wine country, and anything related to Hollywood.

What I don’t get, and my issue with a map that was posted a few days ago showing the reasons people vacation to each state, is that it shows the reason to visit California as ‘Where you go to see city’.

Sure, New York and Washington DC (which are also listed as places to go see city) make sense. New York is known for just being tall buildings. California is so much more. We could have easily fit in the ‘Where you go to see nature’ or ‘Where you go if you want a tan’.

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I’m not saying the cities aren’t amazing in California. I’m saying that isn’t the main reason most people come to visit. Even searching for reasons to visit California I didn’t find ‘to see the city’ listed on any sites.

Is the social media map wrong? Maybe ‘Where you go to see famous people’ would be a better fit?

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