I think we should start calling Governor Little the groundhog of the pandemic. Like the weather predicting groundhog, on a schedule he pops up and sees his shadow, or a rise in coronavirus cases, and tells us we have two more weeks of quarantine. I don't really have a huge opinion on the mask debates. I don't like them, but I'll wear one if I have to. I think I actually like that about the recent announcement from the governor when he told us we'll remain in Stage 4 of Rebound Idaho and tat masks are strongly encouraged but not required. That leaves it up to each community and each business to decide whether to require masks. But, that also makes it a little bit of a gamble if you don't wear a mask everywhere to know when you do and don't have to wear one. The new businesses requiring masks is growing every day it seems and we have a list to help you keep track.

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Early this week, Walmart, Kohl's, and the Twin Falls Animal Shelter began requiring masks. Mid-week Fred Meyer and Smith's jumped on the masked train. Even the big hardware stores are requiring masks, so put on a cover if you plan to head to Home Depot or Lowe's. Now, Winco and Bed Bath and Beyond plan to start requiring them on Friday, July 24th. Target is giving customers a little longer to prepare to be masked and will begin requiring them on August 1st. Other businesses in Twin Falls also require masks so check our list or call the store in advance if you aren't sure.

COVID-19 Mask Options

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