Personally, I plan on living in my home until I die. That's the plan. But, we all know that plans change and I may end up being an old man who needs assisted living or I realize that when I'm 80 my house is too much work. I don't know. Maybe I'll really want the socializing that comes in a nursing home. I do know that there seems to be another viable, less discussed, option for seniors who choose to sell their homes and don't want to live in a nursing home. Apparently it is cheaper to live in a hotel than a nursing home - that's according to a post on Facebook.

Since you can't believe everything you read on Facebook (honestly you should probably believe less than you currently do) I looked at the numbers a bit and found that you really could do better in a hotel if you aren't in need of special care. At the senior living website they have listed that the average monthly cost to live in a nursing home in Idaho is $7,391 or $7,910 for a private room. That's about $255 a day and almost $95,000 a year! On the flip side if you were to opt for a hotel room with the extended stay and senior discount you could get a room at one of the most expensive hotels in Twin Falls (we chose the Hilton Garden Inn) for $96 a day. That's only $3,000 a month and $35,040 a year not including tax. That means it could be almost a $60k difference per year in price and there are cheaper hotel options in Twin so that difference could be more drastic.

Plus, as the Facebook post points out, if you get tired of living in Twin Falls all you do is pack your bags, check out of your room, and go to another hotel in a town you want to visit. I know there are flaws in the logistics of a hotel vs nursing home but on the surface it looks like a great plan to me. The hotel has a pool and hot tub, gym, TV and Wifi, housekeeping, and those small shampoo bottles. The nursing home gives you a better social life and planned activities, personalized care, and stability. You'd have to weigh the pros and cons for yourself to make the right decision for you though.

What do you think?

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