Maybe the social distancing of humans really is making the wildlife in our area less cautious? A young moose was seen in multiple yards in Twin Falls County over the last weekend. Idaho Fish and Game caught the animal according to a press release and took him to the South Hills. A few of my friends have seen the moose in their yards near the Kimberly and Twin Falls city lines and north of the Chobani plant.

Moose On The Loose

One friend, Neil Christensen, was lucky enough to get a few pictures and video of the yearling moose. He went outside and the moose was chewing off the top of a young apple tree. While that makes for a great picture and story, it might not be the best thing to happen to that apple tree. Another friend, Jessica Randall, caught the moose having a stand-off with their dog. I've lived here for more than a decade and it still surprises me to see wildlife in the city. We often see deer on the south side of town and we can frequently smell that there are skunks nearby. The mountain lions have even ventured close to town recently. Is the seemingly growing number of animals seen around town due to the coronavirus and people staying indoors more? Some people believe that's the case and has even caused for an increase in Bigfoot sightings.

Idaho Fish and Game were also tasked with rounding up another young moose in Heyburn around the same time over the weekend. That young moose was relocated to a moose habitat near Carey.

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