Here's a new reason to worry about the lasting effects of the coronavirus: Bigfoot believers think he may be susceptible to the virus so we all need to wear masks when we venture outside. If you won't wear a mask to save humanity, maybe you'll be willing to step up to save the Sasquatch? That's an interesting thought since Bigfoot is famous for social distancing so the chances you'll be withing the six foot distance of COVID-19 spread is pretty slim.

The Vice website has a full article written about people who are worried for the safety of the giant, elusive, hairy beast. The article includes interviews with Bigfoot investigators and skeptics. If you do believe in Bigfoot, the idea that you need to wear a mask when out in the forest makes sense. We've seen that wild animals have started taking back the earth as humans have been spending more time indoors. Why wouldn't Bigfoot do the same? Maybe he's getting more comfortable in our absence and venturing closer to human territory. If that is the case then you have a better chance of running into one if you go out. We've even had recent Bigfoot sightings here in Idaho.

Now, before you go judging everyone who believes that Bigfoot is real, even the FBI has conducted tests to determine the validity of a sasquatch. Their findings are on the FBI website.

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