There are many ways to know that summer has arrived in the Magic Valley. Sure, you could look at a calendar and see that the season has officially begun or you can step outside and melt. That's a pretty good way to tell that it really is summertime in Twin Falls. You can also head to any body of water and see the boats and kayaks battling for rights to the water or see the teens being crazy at Dierkes. But the real way to tell summer is officially here is to look on social media at what people are doing. When it's winter they are either sledding or holed up in their houses. When it's summer they are everywhere and the Magic Valley comes alive.

Before we get to the social media posts that prove summer is here, you've probably already heard some of the proof that the hot season is here because some of the summer events are either already here or about to happen. The Highway 30 Music Fest is happening now and the Idaho Regatta is this weekend. Check out the social posts below to see other sure signs it's summertime:

The Free Twin Falls Municipal Band Concerts Are Back

Mammatus? We Know Them As The Clouds Before All Our Stuff Blows Away

Excessive Heat Warnings From Meteorologists

Obligatory Videos of The Snake River Canyon and Perrine Bridge

Ice Cream Funday is the Only Way to Cool Off

The Weather Is Nice Enough To Get Out At Night

More Obligatory Picture Posts of the Snake River and Shoshone Falls

Cottonwood Trees. Now That The Cotton is Gone From the Air, Summer is Here.


We've Only Just Begun and Record Temps Are in the Forecast

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