If you have noticed that you or your kids have started acting strange over the last few days, it isn't just you. It's cabin fever and you may just need a bit more activity in your life.

Twin Falls Parks and Rec Cabin Fever Day

Around mid-winter is when cabin fever usually sets in. You can look outside in the Magic Valley and see snow and maybe sunshine, but it is still frigid cold and the snow is too icy to play in. So, rather than sit in your house going crazy all winter long, the Twin Falls Parks and Rec has the cure for your fever. And it isn't more cowbell, it's their cabin fever day full of activities at different locations around Twin Falls. The Twin Falls Cabin Fever Day will be January 22, 2022.

Twin Falls Cabin Fever Day Activities

Cabin Fever Day is designed to get you and your family out of your house and having fun while getting in a little physical activity. The day will include FREE activities at the Twin Falls City Pool, The Herrett Center, Skateland, MV Bowhunters, Twin Falls Library, Boys and Girls Club, and Success Martial Arts. Discount admission activities will also be happening at Gemstone Climbing, Bowladrome, and if you want to upgrade to roller blades at Skateland.

Cabin Fever Day Twin Falls

While all the cabin fever day activities will be happening on Saturday, January 22 this year, the times for each location will vary. You can get the full schedule for times and activities on the Twin Falls Parks & Recreation Facebook page. Now you don't have to wonder what to do with your kids on all the cold winter weekends, this weekend is covered.

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