Fall soccer starts soon in the Magic Valley and I've come to the conclusion over my 40 years that liking soccer is a dirty little secret that most people have. People rarely admit that they like the game but almost everyone has played it. Twin Falls even has a giant area of land designated for soccer and all of the local schools have a team. So, why is soccer such a red-headed step child of a sport? I've played soccer since kindergarten and I love the game. I tore my MCL playing in Las Vegas and haven't played since then. Instead I've coached through the Twin Falls Parks and Rec almost every season since my kids were old enough to play. There has never been a shortage of players and some of these kids have been really talented. Despite the amount of kids that show up to play soccer, Idaho is apparently not a very soccer friendly state. Wallethub ranked around 280 cities in the United States and all the cities in Idaho were really low on the list. Moscow actually ranked highest and that was at number 252 which is only about 30 from the very bottom. Not good.

Source: WalletHub

Maybe so many kids play soccer because it is easy to be part of a team and not actually do much. I'll admit that there are parts of soccer that can be boring and not every player on the field gets the same amount of playing action. My oldest son played defender for years because he didn't want to have to run all the time and he could just wait in the back and boot the ball as hard as he could when it came his way.

The Twin Falls Parks and Rec offers a large number of sports so even if soccer isn't your cup of tea, there are options. Even for adults.

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