I've talked and written about the many parks around Twin Falls quite a few times. I have a big family, and with four kids I need them to be outdoors probably more than they think they need to not be in my house. We rely on the variety of great parks around town to keep them entertained. But, one of our favorites, and a classic in Twin Falls, is now closed. Temporarily, thank goodness.

Cascade Park in Twin Falls

The Twin Falls Parks and Rec posted pictures and an update on Cascade Park on their Facebook page. They wrote that they are repairing the playground equipment and adding more wood mulch to the playground area. Another big (and necessary) change is that the space between the playground and the shelter with picnic tables is being turned into a grassy area. Parks and Rec hopes to have the park reopened after the long Labor Day weekend.

How Did Cascade Park Get It's Name?

Cascade Park in Twin Falls goes by a few other names: Candy Cane Park and the Dinosaur Park, though neither of those names really makes much sense anymore. Just a few years ago the playground was replaced, up until them there was a slide that was either a dinosaur or an alligator, so we called it the Dinosaur Park. I assume the Candy Cane Park name comes from the pillar holding the park sign as it is a red and white striped swirl? Maybe there is more to that name than I know?

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I'm glad Cascade Park isn't closed permanently, since it is one of our favorite places to go for a picnic in the summer.

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