I was born in 1980, so I don't really remember that decade too well since I was young. What I do remember was some pretty bad stuff - flat top hair cuts, cut off jeans, synthesized music, really bright neon clothes, and my sisters having really big hair! Back in the 80's they got a lot of stuff wrong. Music was not at its best, clothes were and still are questionable, and architecture was just weird. It turns out though that they did get some stuff right.

In 1988 the Los Angeles Times Magazine published a story about life in 2013 and the cool stuff that we would have. Turns out they were actually spot on with a bunch of stuff. They predicted computers in cars, GPS, video chatting (Skype), small portable computers (all of our smart phones), and online computer classes.

They were wrong on a few things though. They also predicted that we would have robot cooks and maids, hover cars, and robot pets.


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