Beep boop, whirrr zing dibble dibble grrrggh. That line was for the robots reading this post. For the rest of us, you better get used to a robot being a part of your life...but I don't think you need to learn beep-boop languages yet.

A co-worker was telling me today that he went to get groceries and there were hardly any actual cashiers because the store wants you to use their new self-checkout stands. Have you ever used those things? They are crazy. In my experience, maybe half the time I use them I get finished without needing some sort of assistance from a human.

Robots are definitely starting to take over more and more jobs though. They aren't always better - but they are usually cheaper. We have machines that milk cows, wash our cars, take our food orders, and vacuum our floors. They even have robot cowboy ranchers and some of them even have personality and come up with their own robotic ideas!

With the imminent rise of the machines - how likely do you think it is that your current job will be replaced? Time Magazine has a cool widget/robot (ironically) that can calculate how likely you are to be replaced in the near future. Luckily for us in the radio we are pretty safe since even robots don't want to do what we do :)

Time Robot Job Calculator
Time Robot Job Calculator

Check it out here and see how your job will fare in the future.

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