I have a shirt that says 'I'm not lazy - I just really enjoy doing nothing'. So, if there were a robot that I could get to do menial task for me that would be great!

I've seen some really weird stuff in Idaho, but never a robot doing the work of a shepherd. There is a robot that has been invented in Australia that is helping ranchers to herd and track cattle. In the video you can see the SwagBot, as it is called, rolling through fields, swamps, and over stumps to show how versatile it can be. They also state that eventually they will equip the robot cowboy with sensors to find sick cattle and monitor vegetation growth.

Is this something that would wok in Idaho? Could you imagine rounding up cattle and livestock from the comfort of your home or the heated interior of your truck in the winter?

If you had a SwagBot what chores would you have it do?

Heck, if the SwagBot does half the stuff they claim, I might be willing to trade in one of my kids for one of these robot workers! Just kidding kids...but you still have to clean your rooms.

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