For my entire adult life spring cleaning has only been moving items from one place to another. We have never really done a great purge where we got rid of tons of stuff we didn't need and hadn't used for years. Instead the random boxes and items just move from room to room. I've heard the garage, shed, and attic are the places things go to be forgotten. Not in my house. We'll bring stuff in from the garage to make room for other items or to make it look like the garage is clean. It is a never-ending cycle that most of us go through.

Keeping a house clean is really hard. Especially if you have kids. At some point we kind of gave up and decided that there are only certain battles we want to fight in. So our house has become 'clean' but cluttered in many rooms. It isn't just us: even if you go to the cleanest houses they always say 'excuse the mess' when you go inside. Is it possible to be happy with the state of your house?

I know some people do have it under control and others have it mostly under control. Maybe you just have one room that you let go, like Monica's hall closet on Friends. Which room is the biggest disaster in your house?

I actually wrote about my messy house a few weeks ago, but I blamed it all on monsters living in my home.

Real Life House Monsters

If you need help with your mess, Wishlisted is doing a spring cleaning contest where they will have a KonMarie Method organization expert help you. Enter to win that on the Wishlisted website.

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