I didn't grow up in Idaho and I never actually visited here before I moved from Las Vegas in 2008. I grew up down in Salt Lake City and Idaho was always a joke state to us. We would say that the only good thing to come out of Idaho was I-15 southbound. Boy was I wrong. I've been here for more than a decade and I'm still constantly inspired and surprised by this state.

I'll say this now: I prefer Idaho to Utah. When we visit family in Utah it is only for short trips. We'd rather use our long vacations camping somewhere in Idaho. I don't know where the hate for Idaho came from as a kid or why we thought is was a terrible place, but there are some specific things that I thought about Idaho that ended up being untrue.

Myths People Believe About Idaho

Check out these crazy things some people believe about Idaho.

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7 Myths About Idaho

  1. The first myth is a common one in every state: that Idaho is nothing but cows and potatoes. We know, living here that Idaho is so much more.
  2. We also believed that Idaho was a dirty and barren state, void of any beauty. Wrong again: Idaho has some of the most beautiful lakes and forest areas I've seen.
  3. Even though we had maps and globes, for some reason I believed that Idaho was a tiny state.
  4. Idaho is a desolate state full of only small towns and cowboys is a pretty common misconception.
  5. Along with me not knowing that Idaho is a big state, I didn't know the panhandle went all the way up to the Canadian border.
  6. Everyone learns how to drive when they are young and get their driving license when they are 14. This may be true for some, but it isn't the norm.
  7. Nobody ever visits Idaho unless they have family there. Big myth - people come from everywhere to visit this beautiful state.
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Did you ever hear any crazy stories about Idaho that were untrue?

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