I was talking with my mom, she lives down in Utah, this week and she is really trying to organize a family reunion in August before school starts. I was explaining to her that we still need to social distance and that if even half of the siblings show up (there are nine kids in my family spread across five states) we are opening up Pandora's box. After talking she stated that she really just needs to do something, the stir crazy was making her feel actual crazy. She lives alone and I can't imagine doing this pandemic solo. Though we do have some things that help the time pass, this pandemic is for the most part not the best summer.

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As much as I don't want to admit it, and won't say this to my kids - the internet and streaming TV and movie services have been a life saver in our house. We should feel lucky to live in a time where technology is also helping us feel more connected to our friends and family. I've done more video calls with family in the last three months than the rest of my life total. What are the things that are helping you get through this pandemic? Below is a list of seven things you may already be doing or could try if you need something new.

Things Keeping Us Sane During The Pandemic


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