Everyone wants to be home for Christmas and these two abandoned and bonded pups are no different. If you are looking to fill your home with 2 adorable pups, these two may be the right match for you.

According to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter, these two were abandoned by their owner, one was tied to the tree outside of the shelter and the other left at the dog park. It is amazing that they were able to find each other again after being left in two different places.

Apparently they are best buds and would love to go to a home together for Christmas. They are older, 10 years old but they are still full of life and dogs are the best way to make your life feel a little more whole.

The good thing about older pups is they are trained, they know basic commands, they won't tear up your furniture, they won't go potty inside and apparently these two are great with cats.

They are unsure about how they would be with other dog siblings, might need to have a meet and greet to make sure that they are all going to get along. Seriously though, look at their faces! How can you say no to these adorable faces?

These two would really prefer an indoor only home and a place where they can get all the love that they deserve and want to give. It makes me wish I could adopt them myself. Older dogs are the sweetest.

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