Thursday afternoon I was driving through downtown Twin with the kids when out of the corner of my eye I saw an arrow fly through the park! Not a little Nerf toy arrow, a real arrow! I looked over and saw about 40 people dressed as knights, elves, vikings, and soldiers having a battle! So of course I pulled over and got the kids out to watch. There were all sorts of people there and all sorts of weapons. They weren't Nerf toys, but they were foam wrapped swords, staffs, and "boulders". Even the arrows had a soft end on them. We watched the battles for about half an hour and my kids were pretty entertained until it got too cold. Have you seen these groups in the parks? I call them LARPERS (Live Action Role Players), and my wife calls them virgins (she thinks they are too lame to get a girl)...what do you think? Watch the video below to see them in action.


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