It's my observation that we're having a hard time deciding how to respectfully disagree in America. A new video share reminded me that maybe we should decide issues the same way that Wyoming's bighorn sheep do. It's a straight on battle of the strongest and there are few things more Wyoming than this.

YouTube channel Huntstyle shared this very nicely done brief Wyoming bighorn clash.

As the narrator mentions in the video, these bad boys make contact going up to 40 mph. National Geographic mentioned that the horns alone on a Wyoming bighorn can weight upwards of 30 pounds. If you do the math, mass times velocity equals...well something I can't figure out exactly. But, I do know that when these bighorn males make contact it's a very decisive collision.

Live Science talked about this battle process which decides who the dominant male is gonna be. It can go on for hours. If that doesn't give you a headache thinking about it, nothing will.

Let the politicians do their little dance around issues. I'll take a head-on Wyoming bighorn collision over that any time any day.

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